Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

The Uncelebration

June 8, 2020

Episode #150 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, some little game called Valorant released, from the devs of League of Legends, some other small little game, and Kyle's going to tell us all about it. From there, it's a different feeling type of episode, because honestly, last week was truly the week where gaming just didn't matter, as more important voices and stories needed to be told and heard. So we aren't in a very festive mood for 150 episodes.. so let's have ourselves, a little uncelebration. A very merry uncelebration to you indeed! This one is all over the place. I'm sorry in advance. But not really. Enjoy!

Timestamps and Segments for today’s episode include:    

00:00:47 - The Best Bundle Ever
00:06:08 - Introductions
00:07:55 - Valorant
00:19:02 - SEGA Game Gear Mini
00:26:21 - BGMania Preview
00:27:43 - Game Challenge
00:30:10 - Quick Time Event
00:34:29 - Seven Day Forecast (Week of 6/8/20)
00:50:42 - What's Coming Next
01:10:58 - Kickstart My Heart (Toasty)
01:19:09 - Final Words
01:27:06 - Outro

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