Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

The Busy World of Richard Scarry

September 23, 2019

Episode #114 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, the crew goes in-depth with Borderlands 3, The Sojourn, Dead by Daylight's new Stranger Things DLC, and Session. There's also been some leaked plans for next year's E3, and the crew takes a look at what is planned and reacts to the situation. Plus the Area 51 raid shenanigans, a new State of Play this week, Ash Ketchum makes Pokemon history, two new game announcements, and Indiecalypse on Kickstarter.

Time stamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:59 - Area 51 Raid Shenanigans
00:03:24 - Intros
00:05:31 - Borderlands 3 Discussion
00:15:53 - The Sojourn Discussion
00:21:20 - Weekly Wrap Up Changes Ad
00:21:58 - Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC Discussion
00:32:25 - Session Discussion
00:39:19 - BGMania Preview Ad
00:40:39 - Game Challenge Update
00:42:51 - MetaCritic Results
00:45:57 - New Releases for the Week of 9/23/19
01:03:15 - Ad
01:03:57 - Weekly Wrap Up
01:04:07 - State of Play Announced
01:07:39 - Ash Ketchum Wins the Big One!
01:11:10 - Xbox Game Pass Additions
01:12:46 - TROY: A Total War Saga Announcement
01:17:08 - Terminator: Resistance Announcement
01:19:44 - E3 2020 Leaked Plans
01:48:01 - Kickstart My Heart (Indiecalypse)
01:54:26 - Bonus Stage
01:58:26 - Final Words
01:59:42 - Outro

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