Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

The Battle of the Eagle and Lion

August 19, 2019

Episode #109 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, we have an update on SupMatto and the #BoycottBorderlands3 movement! The crew is back gushing over Fire Emblem Three Houses again (for the last time, we swear...), the new Overwatch hero Sigma, and Legends of Aria. World of Warcraft Classic is officially one week away and we cannot contain the HYPE baby! Plus, hear about Kyle's Portland vacation, a new Need for Speed game that sounds impressive, more rumors on the PlayStation 5, and Genki: The Portable Switch Dock on Kickstarter.

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Segments for today’s episode include:

  • Kyle's Portland Vacation
  • Update on SupMatto and #BoycottBorderlands3
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses Discussion
  • Streamworks Alliance Charity Event Plug (Ad Break)
  • Overwatch Discussion
  • Legends of Aria Discussion (Tavern Talk)
  • BGMania Preview (Ad Break)
  • 100 Game Challenge Updates
  • Weekly Wrap Up (News)
  • MetaCritic Results
  • New Releases for the Week of 8/19/19
  • (Ad Break)
  • World of Warcraft Classic is One Week Away!!
  • Kickstart My Heart! (Genki: The Portable Switch Dock)
  • Bonus Stage
  • Final Words

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