Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

Q3 2020 Thunderdome

July 7, 2020

Episode #154 of the Max Level Podcast. Here's the deal. Editing this episode was hellacious due to some audio technical issues. It was frustrating to the point that I had to keep walking away, so progress was made on the final edit very slowly. Apologies in advance for this episode feeling like a mess, at least to me. Hopefully, you won't even notice anything different, but a lot of sacrifices and cuts were made as it was the only way to salvage the last 30 minutes. Final Words will definitely return next week.

On today's show, who's ready for a double dose of The Last of Us, Part II? Everyone? Good! Kyle's got some gameplay elements to talk about ahead of the big Spoilercast coming up this Friday on The MediaFiles. From there, baby, we don't need another hero. IT'S Q3 2020 THUNDERDOME!! Plus, Hamilton on Disney+, NASCAR, and Neko Ghost, Jump! on Kickstarter.

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Timestamps and Segments for today’s episode include:    

00:00:47 - Hamilton on Disney+
00:02:35 - Introductions
00:07:09 - The Last of Us, Part II Again
00:22:24 - BGMania Preview
00:24:04 - Game Challenge
00:25:54 - Seven Day Forecast (Week of 7/6/20)
00:41:01 - Q3 2020 Thunderdome
01:14:20 - Kickstart My Heart (Neko Ghost, Jump!)
01:20:59 - Outro

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◘ The Intro, Seven Day Forecast, Kickstart My Heart, and the Outro music were all provided by @NeonDanTV over on Twitter and used with permission
◘ He can also be found over on his Bandcamp page for Midnight Playtime!
◘ Intro: "Big City FM" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Seven Day Forecast: "Rooftop Runners REDUX" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Kickstart My Heart: "Proton Exploder" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Outro: "She Likes Scanlines" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Ad Read: "Song of Elune" from World of Warcraft Copyright by Blizzard
◘ BGMania Preview: "The Last of Us" from The Last of Us Copyright by Sony Interactive Entertainment