Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

I Wanna (Pay To) Be The Very Best

October 7, 2019

Episode #116 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, what the hell is going on over at Sony.. things are making us a little nervous. The crew goes in-depth with GreedFall, Caravan Stories, more The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and the SEGA Genesis Mini. We'll also touch on Ghost Recon Breakpoint's huge microtransaction issue and the Mario & Luigi RPG games may be in trouble! Plus our thoughts on the premier episode of AEW Dynamite, Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally releasing on PC, PlayStation Now drops in price, and Everspace 2 on Kickstarter.

Time stamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:59 - AEW Sure Was Dynamite
00:04:23 - Introductions
00:08:05 - GreedFall Discussion
00:15:33 - Caravan Stories Discussion
00:20:44 - News Stories Have Returned Ad
00:21:21 - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Discussion
00:28:15 - SEGA Genesis Mini Discussion
00:37:58 - BGMania Preview
00:39:20 - Game Challenge Update
00:40:46 - MetaCritic Results!
00:43:13 - Seven Day Forecast (Week of 10/7/19)
00:57:41 - Ad
00:58:20 - Weekly Wrap Up Intro
00:58:32 - What's Going On Within Sony?
01:11:35 - Mario & Luigi RPG Games In Trouble
01:15:18 - Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's Microtransaction Issue
01:22:34 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Releasing on PC
01:24:05 - X019 Dates Confirmed
01:26:40 - PlayStation Now Price Drop
01:29:49 - Kickstart My Heart (Everspace 2)
01:39:07 - Bonus Stage
01:43:46 - Final Words
01:44:27 - Outro

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