Max Level: A Video Game Podcast


June 1, 2020

Episode #149 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, the crew gets pixelated and jumps into Minecraft Dungeons, and then Kyle takes us into a quick trip with one of the games that was released the same day as last week's Wholesome Games Direct. From there, Dead by Daylight had their 4th Anniversary Stream recently, where they announced that the next DLC pack coming to the come features characters and locations from Silent Hill. We discuss this for a bit before wondering if this signals more for the franchise in the future, or maybe something even more elaborate than that. Plus, hear about the PlayStation Event, frosted animal cookie kit kats, games we were disappointed in that we think a different studio could have saved, Dan hits a solid E Sharp, board games, and Clunky Hero on Kickstarter.

Timestamps and Segments for today’s episode include:    

00:02:09 - Is It Finally Time Sony?
00:05:08 - Introductions
00:11:23 - Minecraft Dungeons
00:25:35 - Depanneur Nocturne
00:32:46 - BGMania Preview
00:34:16 - Game Challenge
00:35:40 - Quick Time Event
00:46:02 - Seven Day Forecast (Week of 6/1/20)
01:01:35 - Silent Hill is Back in the Spotlight
01:20:44 - Kickstart My Heart (Clunky Hero)
01:28:56 - Final Words
01:30:50 - Outro

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