Max Level: A Video Game Podcast

Dan is Bad at Battle Royales

July 20, 2020

Episode #156 of the Max Level Podcast. On today's show, we've got three newly released games on the docket for discussion, including Hyper Scape, Neon Abyss, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. From there, Microsoft recently revealed that Project xCloud would be releasing in September, and is going to be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost... and we need to chat about this. Plus, a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System and Beasts of Maravilla Island on Kickstarter.

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Timestamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:47 - LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System
00:04:41 - Introductions
00:08:34 - Hyper Scape
00:17:57 - Neon Abyss
00:27:16 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2
00:36:25 - BGMania Preview
00:38:10 - Game Challenge
00:46:54 - Seven Day Forecast (Week of 7/20/20)
00:59:31 - Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass
01:18:00 - Kickstart My Heart (Beasts of Maravilla Island)
01:25:30 - Final Words
01:27:22 - Outro

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◘ The Intro, Seven Day Forecast, Kickstart My Heart, and the Outro music were all provided by @NeonDanTV over on Twitter and used with permission
◘ He can also be found over on his Bandcamp page for Midnight Playtime!
◘ Intro: "Big City FM" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Seven Day Forecast: "Rooftop Runners REDUX" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Kickstart My Heart: "Proton Exploder" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Outro: "She Likes Scanlines" by Midnight Playtime
◘ Ad Read: "Song of Elune" from World of Warcraft Copyright by Blizzard
◘ BGMania Preview: "Title Theme" from Robocop (Game Boy) Copyright by Data East