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Chibi Link is Adorable! | Max Level Podcast #83

February 18, 2019

Last week forever changed the landscape of gaming as we know it. Ladies and gentlemen, Link's Awakening is getting a from-the-ground-up remake, and it features Chibi Link. ADORABLE! We go in-depth with Apex Legends thanks to Kyle's burning passion for the game. From there, the crew dissects and analyzes the latest Nintendo Direct, and they weigh in on the Activision Blizzard layoff news. Segments for today’s episode include:

  • Introducing Kyle from Streamworks Alliance
  • Apex Legends Discussion
  • The Legend of Zelda Discussion
  • Tasty Treats & 100 Game Challenge Updates (Bryan's solo segment this week)
  • Dissecting the Nintendo Direct
  • New Releases for the Week of 2/18/19
  • Weighing in on the Activision Blizzard Layoff News
  • Kickstart My Heart! (Crossroads Inn)

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